Olga Guera
Product design
Series of interactive interior lighting
Project type:
product design concept
Artemide design contest
Light plays a crucial part in the interior. Baroque chandeliers, vitrage Tiffany, weightless Artemide – all the time lighting design is in-demand. Apart from the main illuminating function it has an aesthetic function: correctly chosen lighting ensures harmony in the interior, either concert hall, or living room.
botanica lamp design concept
The idea was to create a lighting system, which would interact with the human in a mechanical way, to start a conversation between person and object.
In a modern world we interact with electronics every day. Every time we enter our house we turn the lights on. It is such a natural and familiar action that has almost turned into a reflex. We are familiar with what a light switch is and how it should look like and we perfectly know what is going to happen when we use it: we push the button and the lights turn on. We don't need to approach the light at all. Even floor and table lamps have a switch connected to a stand or a shade. Lamps are usually considered as static objects while the appearance (emerge?) or disappearance of light - as a command: turn on/off, brighten/darken, fade away before the sleep.
Shape search and bionics
botanica lamp kinematic movement scheme
Kinematic movement scheme
Due to the complexity of the mechanism, the shape itself should be very simple, like Japanese paper lanterns.
Japanese paper lanterns, chochin 提灯
botanica lamp construction elements sketch
Construction elements. The importance of unified elements
Construction elements
Due to the unified construction of elements, various shapes can be developed. The minor changes will be in leaves' shape, length of arcs and central bar.
The shape moving leads the changing of light intensity.
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