Olga Guera
line art

Folk Art

Minimalistic illustrations of folk art magic creatures
Project type:
postcard illustration
Haguruma Co., Ltd.
Welcome to the world of fairy tales, which makes you believe in talking fishes, making your wishes come true, gorgeous firebirds, demon foxes, and scary dragons.

Fairy tale characters
Magic Pike line art illustration
Miss Magic Pike. If you catch it and then let it free, it will make your three wishes come true.
Miss Magic Pike vol.2
Very smart and witty, helps good people. Suddenly appears when kind and adventurous troublemakers are in a mess.
Magic Pike illustration
Magic Pike line art illustration
Shy peacock - his tail is too short.
A firebird. One feather from its tail enlightens the darkest night.
Magic Pike illustration
Magic Pike line art illustration
A firebird vol. 2. For its beauty was stolen many times from faraway kingdoms in order to attract proud princesses.
Lets make our wishes come true!
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