Light plays a crucial part in the interior. Baroque chandeliers, vitrage Tiffany, weightless Artemide – all the time lighting design is in-demand. Apart from the main illuminating function it has an aesthetic function: correctly chosen lighting ensures harmony in the interior, either concert hall, or living room.
In a modern world we interact with electronics every day. Every time we enter our house we turn the lights on. It is such a natural and familiar action that has almost turned into a reflex. We are familiar with what a light switch is and how it should look like and we perfectly know what is going to happen when we use it: we push the button and the lights turn on. We don't need to approach the light at all. Even floor and table lamps have a switch connected to a stand or a shade. 
Lamps are usually considered as static objects while the appearance (emerge?) or disappearance of light - as a command: turn on/off, brighten/darken, fade away before the sleep.
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